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iPad Air 2 Screen Repair Service

If you are like a lot of iPad owners then you may have experienced this all to common problem. You have dropped your iPad and have cracked the screen. Now your iPad with the cracked screen is acting funny and the touch function is not working properly. Well, its is not the end of the world. At Mobile Device Rescue we have seen this same thing played out hundreds of times. Don't worry we can fix it.

The iPad Air 2 is the first iPad model that has the LCD and the Digitizer fused together into one front end assembly. This means that the entire front end must be replaced if it is cracked. This iPad model is also the first model that requires a bit of microsoldering in order to do the repair the right way. The smart cover has some circuitry that has to be moved over from the original screen and soldered into place on the new screen. This video to the left shows our process and how we achieve the perfect iPad Air 2 screen repair.

If you need to repair your iPad Air 2 screen then you need to bring it to the professionals. Mobile Device Rescue has mastered this difficult repair and knows how to avoid all the pitfalls when doing this repair. In most cases we can repair your iPad Air 2 and have it ready for pickup the same day that you drop it off. If you can get your iPad to us by 11:00 am then we can have it ready for pickup by 5:30 pm.

Call Us at 281-783-4505 or just drop in.
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