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Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with a cracked screen?


We can fix it. Mobile Device Rescue specializes in fixing Samsung cell phones and Samsung Tablets as well as Apple products. Whether you have a cracked screen, broken charge port or failing speakers we can fix your Samsung device.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

The Galaxy S3 cracked screen is the most common repair we see for this device. Samsung makes an excellent cell phone but like any other Smartphone with a glass front it cracks. The Galaxy S3 screen repair service takes about an hour so you can either sit back and watch TV in the waiting room or drop the device off and pick it up later.


Samsung Galaxy Screen Replacement

There are many different ways to do a screen replacement for Galaxy cell phones but we believe there is only one correct way. The Samsung Galaxy screen is actually made up of the "glass", the Digitizer and the LCD. This is one unit that comes glued together from the manufacturer and should be replaced as a unit. When a shop does a glass only repair for the Galaxy cell phone you dont have a good seal. Dust and debris will get up under the glass between it and the LCD which will scratch the LCD. At Mobile Device Rescue we only do a full unit replacement and do not do glass only repairs.


If you have a Galaxy cell phone that needs to be repaired give us a

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How Our Fast and Friendly Service Works

How Our Fast and Friendly Service Works

Call us to schedule your iPhone or Galaxy screen repair
Cracked Tablet Screen Repair
We fix cracked tablet sceens

Call us at 281-783-4505 and tell us what device you have and what the problem is. We will give you an estimate on the time and cost for the repairs. Or swing by, here is where to go.


Now we are ready and waiting for you so jump in your car and bring your device. Our repair facility is conveniently  located at
824 W. Main Street, League City, TX. 77573


We will tell you when to return to pick up your fully repaired mobile device. Now just go back to using your mobile device and dont forget to tell your friends about us.

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