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Cellphone Screen Replacement


Do you have a cracked screen on your Smartphone?


As a leading provider of cellphone screen replacement services in Houston, we’ve seen all types of broken Smartphones. Whether you need your cracked screen replaced on your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPone 3G or the iPhone 2G we’ve got the tools, the inventory, and the expertise to make sure your phone's sceen gets replaceed as quickly as possible.


Cellphone Screen Replacement


Right now the iPhone 4 is the most common device we see with a cracked screen. If you need an iPhone 4 screen replacement you have come to the right place. We have plenty of iPhone 4 screens in stock and our fast and friendly technicians are standing by to make the repairs and return your "good as new" iPhone back to you.


Lately we have been seeing an increased need for iPhone 5 screen replacement. It is slowly gaining on iPhone 4 screen replacements. Rest assured that Mobile Device Rescue has the experience in repairing the iPhone 5 and we are fully stocked with iPhone 5 screens. If your iPhone 5 has a cracked screen you can bring it in and we will fix it and give it back to you as good as new.


Cracked Cellphone Screen Replacement


No matter which model needs a screen replacemed our fast and friendly technicians are standing by. Just give us a call and tell us which cellphone you have wtih a cracked screen and we will quote you a price and schedule its repair.




"I have a brand new iPhone 5 that I have only had for 3 weeks when I dropped it getting out of my car. That should teach me not to keep it in my lap when I drive. Mobile Device Rescue was close so I went there for my repair. I dropped it off and went to eat and when I returned they had my phone ready. I am happy with the work they did and I will recommend them to my friends who have cracked phones."

Brian W.


You can see more testimonials here.

Cellphone Screen Replacement Services
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