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3 Apps To Protect Your iPhone From Viruses

Viruses designed for the iPhone are not a huge problem, yet. Wheather or not you will get a virus on your iPhone depends on what you do with it.

There are shady parts of the Internet where early iPhone viruses are being groomed. You know what you are doing so if you are in a shady area watch out.

The good news is there are a number of virus protection apps designed for the iPhone that you can use to protect yourself. Then you can visit as many shady areas of the Internet that you please, just dont blame me if one of those viruses gets your iPhone.

Here is a list of 3 of the top Apps for iPhone virus protection.

1. McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile - You can find this for free in the Apple iTunes app store. It is the most popular of all the apps in the store. It works on iPhones and both the iPad and iPod mini and it boasts the most complete protection available.

2. Lookout - This is also a free app in the iTunes app store and it is free as well. This app has all the virus protection features of any good virus software and it also comes with backup tools. You can use this app to wipe out your iPhone or iPad data remotely if your device is ever stolen or lost.

3. Anti-Virus Detective - This is a very good app but it isnt quite free. This virus app costs $0.99 and it packs all the necessary virus protection features and also includes spy protection. It has an easy to use interface and is also a popular choice.

By Jon Roland

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