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Samsung Galaxy Breaks Easier Than iPhone in Tests

Have you broken you iPhone screen and thought that it was too easy to break?

All Smartphones can break pretty easily but iPhones are not the "most breakable" according to some tests performed by a cellphone insurance company in California. They created a test where they dropped phones and dunked them in water and used a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst to show the phone's grade.

The first phone by Samsung scored worse than Apple's iPhone 5. The Samsung phone got a score of 7 and the Apple phone got a score of 5.

A research group on Vermont says that people will still be attracted to the phone because they like the lighter, thinner look and feel of the phone.

If you break you iPhone or Samsung Smartphone they guys at Mobile Device Rescue can fix it. Call them at 281-783-4505.

By Jon Roland

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