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Do You Keep Your Cellphone in Your Back Pocket?

Do you keep your cellphone in your back pocket? Don't. Here is a customer’s phone that was brought into our repair shop yesterday and the customer would keep it in his back pocket. You can see that it actually bent his phone and cracked his screen and LCD display.

When a phone is bent like this there is no guarantee that anyone can fix it. Funny things may start happening as a result of this. There are tons of tiny soldered connections that may get severed. These connections may stay in contact because the phone is holding it all together. The phone and all of its features may keep working until a repair is attempted. Once the phone is taken a part there is a chance that these connections may be severed because of the release of tension from disassembly.

I told the customer that I couldn’t guarantee that I could fix it because of this but if he wanted I would try. I was very careful not to put any unnecessary torque on the logic board and I took out the old screen and LCD display and put the new one in. To my delight and certainly the customers as well, the phone did still work.

I tested everything, the phone functions, the speakers, the forward facing and rear facing cameras and it all worked just fine. We may have gotten lucky because bending a phone can be the death of that phone.

The moral of this story is you shouldn’t keep your cellphone in your back pocket. Also, invest in a protective case like an OtterBox or a LifeProof case.

By Jon Roland

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