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Not all Cell Phone Repair Deals Are Good.

Groupon is a great place to find some really good deals. I use Groupon and I like what it has to offer. With that said I found a story that I just had to mention. This cell phone repair store in Orange County California is a bit shady. The owner ran a Groupon ad for cracked cellphone screen repair for $35. First of all that is very cheap, so cheap it just covers the cost of the part. He would lose money on most phones repairing the screen at that cost. Anyway, it seems he wasnt planning on repairing the screens at all. People who had bought the Groupon deal were leaving expensive Smartphones with this business but were not getting their phones back. It appears that this guy feels that there is more money in stealing and selling the phone than there is in repairing it and returning it to the customer. What! Are you kidding me?!

I am not making this up. Watch this news report.

By Jon Roland

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