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How to Keep Your Cell Phone Safe during the Blistering Summer

Summertime is one of your phone’s worst enemies. That’s especially true down here in Houston where the summer temperatures can break into the triple digits. And let’s not forget about the humidity and the rain. Needless to say, summer is a dangerous time of year for your smart phone, so it’s important that you take the right steps to keep your phone protected so you don’t have to wind up paying for cell phone repair.

What can you do to protect your cell phone during the summer?

  • Don’t leave your phone in the car—During the summer, the temperature inside your car can get up to nearly 200 degrees when it’s left parked in the sun. If you forget your phone in the car, it’s practically like leaving it baking in an oven. Do not leave your phone in the car this summer.

  • Keep it out of the sun—The harsh summer sun can wreak havoc on just about any gadget. Do your best to keep your phone out of the sun. Going for a swim? Don’t leave your phone sitting out on the table. Put in the shade or inside a bag.

  • Avoid getting near the water with your phone—What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than by taking a dip in the water? Whether you’re getting in the pool or driving down to the beach, you need to be vigilant in protecting your phone against water damage. Don’t let it get anywhere near the water. One splash is all it takes to ruin your phone for good. Here’s a smart tip: keep your cell phone in a plastic baggy if you’re going to be at the beach or the pool.

  • Invest in a decent protective case—Yeah, yeah, I know, cell phone cases are typically bulky and ugly. Look, I love the way most of today’s smart phones look. The iPhone is a work of art if you ask me. But with all the hazards of summer, it’s important to make sure you cell phone is protected against scratches, dents, water damage, and other potential damage. A quality phone case can help you keep your phone safe all summer long.

Want to avoid unnecessary cell phone repair this summer? Keep these tips in mind!

By Jon Roland

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