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How to Repair a Bent iPad Mini

I created this video to show how we repair a bent iPad Mini. It is a short video only about 7 minutes long but will help you understand what is ivolved in fixing the bent corner when it is so bad it pushes up on the digitizer glass not letting it sit flat.

Here is the trasnscript from the video:

All right. This video is bending the corner on an iPad mini. You can see this corner here, bends up. It got smacked really hard, I guess. Anyway, if we don’t bend that back, the new glass won’t lie flat.

It’s more gradual on this side – pretty drastic on this side. So we’re going to use these blocks here and c-clamps, and we’re going to get this thing back in shape.

Let’s see.

I need one to just hold it on there, so that I can get this tip out over the edge and put my other c-clamp on that one. The bend to be about right there – So this one right here I’m not going to squeeze too hard. I’m just going to have it holding the unit together with the board. Okay, just a tiny bit of pressure there.

All right. Well, this next one is where I’m going to do the bend.

A lot of times you want to put wood right on for protection. But being that this bend is way out on the end, I think we need to just put the metal right on there, so.

Let’s see here. -if you can see what I’m doing - see that there? I have to bend that down, more level. The client’s coming back this afternoon and I’ll have this bent iPad Mini repaired for him.

All right, I’m gradually – squeezing – It’s going to come off the bottom if I’m not careful.

Okay. Can you tell what’s happening? It’s going down slowly.

It’s getting harder to turn.

It wants to come off.

-Bend down on– there we go.

Look at that. The iPad's metal corner has already come quite a-ways. I think it needs a little more. Let me adjust this one to put that corner just out over the edge, there.

We need it to go where that dowel underneath hits right at the bend – right about there – so we’ll tighten that back.


Okay. That looks pretty good. I’m probably going to have to take a chisel, or this here, to bend out the very edge where the glass sits in- inside the iPad frame.

So this is looking really good. I’ve got to go a little bit past what looks straight because it does flex back some.

Okay. That jack is probably going to need to be replaced there. All right let’s back this off.

Well look at it there – [chuckles] – perfectly flat.

I mean, I’ll have to do some filing, and some work on this corner here to bend those back out- the edges back out. But there’s lots of videos on that.

I have a soft mallet, rubber tip, and I use an assortment of tools to bang those out and bend them back up straight.

But for the most part, it looks like we’ve got this bent iPad mini straight again. I’m going to take it out of the clamp, and do a once-over.

This way has a little bit of a bend. I might put a little pressure on there.

This one doesn’t seem to have the same.

This one’s a little worse, I don’t know if you can tell on the video.

That’s good. Not as bad as the other side and that’s good, so-

This one – I’ll need to move these out further apart, because it’s just a gradual sag. I may not even need the clamp. I could probably just push on it. Yeah.

That looks really good. [Chuckle] Okay. That is straight.

I’m going to work on this corner. Clean that up a bit, file it some. And then I’m going to put the new glass on and show you the final result.

All right. I’ve got the iPad screen back on. The iPad is coming back on. You can see that the glass is sitting flat all the way around. It’s not being held up in any corners.

I had to call the customer. He didn’t know the pass-code. It’s his child’s iPad. So, he’s supposed to call me back later. But, it appears to be working. Everything seems to be fine. So, that’s how you bend the corner of an iPad back into shape. Thanks for watching.

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