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Is Using an iPhone with a Cracked Screen Dangerous?

You drop your iPhone. The screen cracks, ruining the look of your beautiful device. Now, you have a few choices. You can:

  • Get the screen repaired and keep using your iPhone

  • Replace the device and get an upgrade

  • Keep using your phone with its cracked screen

The last option is the least appealing, but it’s one that many people choose, typically because they don’t feel like spending the money to fix their phone and they’re trying to hold out until they’re due for an upgrade. While living with a cracked screen might not be the end of the world, it does pose some real dangers you should know about.

  • Cracks can spread and eventually cause your screen to shatter—Right now, your iPhone might just have some cracks running through it. But as you handle your phone on a daily basis, those cracks will likely spread. The screen is compromised, and that means it won’t take a lot for your screen to shatter into a billion pieces all of a sudden.

  • Cracked glass can cut you—This just in: glass is sharp! Seriously, a cracked iPhone screen could very easily slice your fingers, ear, or face when you’re using your device. It’s even possible for small particles of the cracked glass to get embedded in your skin. Ouch!

  • Your phone’s digitizer could get damaged—The screen on your phone protects its digitizer – the component that transmits information whenever you touch your screen. When the screen is cracked, it exposes the digitizer and leaves it open to damage from water, dirt, dust, and other harmful agents. This could lead to a much more costly repair down the line.

  • You can’t see clearly—A cracked screen makes viewing your iPhone a real pain. As the cracks spread, you’ll have a difficult time clearly seeing what information is being displayed on your phone. This could cause serious problems if you’re using your phone for navigation or trying to place an important call.

If you’ve cracked the screen on your iPhone, Mobile Device Rescue can help. We fix screens on all iPhone models, offering fast, professional, and affordable service. Browse our site for more information!

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