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Do You Really Need an iPhone Case?

Whether you’re an Apple fan boy or you hate the tech giant, one thing you have to admit is that the company designs some absolutely beautiful gadgets. Most notably, Apple’s iPhone series has featured sleek, gorgeous handheld devices that have shaped the industry and inspired numerous copycats along the way. Simply put, an iPhone is more than just a cell phone; it’s a stunning piece of art. And that’s why there’s a strong debate about whether or not you should slap a bulky, ugly cell phone case over such an artistic masterpiece.

Those who argue against putting a case on your iPhone say that it ruins the phone’s appearance. They point out that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series no longer have fragile glass backs, like the iPhone 4, making a case unnecessary. They also propose that wear and tear, like scratches to the phone’s aluminum back, are no big deal and give the phone character. Simply put, they basically say that putting a case on your iPhone is like leaving your sofa wrapped in plastic (did anyone else’s grandmother do this?)

These people make a strong case. Remember, one of the things that’s so appealing about the iPhone is its slim, sleek, stylish design. Don’t you lose that if you cram it in one of those indestructible cases? Sure. There’s no denying that putting a case on your iPhone takes away from its natural look. However, there are some very good reasons to cover your iPhone.

  • It will get beat up—It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your iPhone, if it’s not encased, it absolutely will get scratch, nicked, and beat to heck over time. If you plan on trading in or selling your phone later on (like when you’re due for an upgrade and a new model is out), your resale value will be shot. A good case can protect your iPhone and keep it looking like new.

  • It might bend—If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, you’ve probably heard the horror stories about how these devices can bend and warp if you aren’t careful with them. This can happen if you keep the phone in your pocket and the pants are a little too snug, or if you throw it in your purse where it’s banging around with other junk. A strong cell phone case could help keep your iPhone 6 Plus from bending.

  • It might crack—Take it from us, iPhone screens love to crack. We are constantly fixing broken iPhone screens. At some point, you will drop your iPhone, and if it’s naked, there’s a much greater chance the screen will get smashed into a million pieces. While no case will fully protect your screen against cracking, a good durable cover will provide some extra padding that could help minimize and distribute the impact when you drop your phone to keep the screen from cracking.

So, what’s your stance? Do you use a case on your iPhone or not?

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