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The Hammer That Fixes iPads

What, hammer... How can a hammer fix an iPad? It depends on the damage done to the iPad. We have seen it all from iPads that were dropped in the bath to iPads that bounced down a set of wooden stairs. We have seen some pretty banged up iPads and in order to get the new screen to lay flat you have to make sure that the frame is perfectly straight.

Corners take a huge beating when an iPad is dropped. The frame or back casing is made of soft aluminum and gets bent out of shape, especially the corners. We have a series of different tools that we use to get this frame back into shape.

If an iPad frame is bent really bad we would use our wooden blocks and clamps to help bend it back. (See photo above) This method is a good way to get that back frame to be flat again and it is a safe way of bending an iPad.

Now when it comes to the corners we may need more than just the wooden blocks and clamps. Those come in handy when bending the curved corners back down flat with the rest of the unit but what about those direct hits on the very tip of the corner? The lip gets bent inward and keeps new glass from sitting flat in the frame. For that we use the iPad fixing hammer.

The iPad fixing hammer is just a short handle, light weight hammer that we use to gently tap the coners back into shape. We use a coner tool that bolts to the work bench that has a corner shape cut out that the iPad fits into perfectly. We use that cutout to guide us in bending the conner back into shape. We took a metal pry tool and used a grinding wheel to reshape it to the same curve that the iPad corner has. Then we use our iPad fixing hammer to gently tap it into the corner reshaping it to original specs.

Who would have thought a hammer could be used to fix iPads...

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