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Wet iPhone 5 Data Recovery Success

This iPhone 5 was in the customers pocket when she walked out into the ocean. It was soaked with salt water and it corroded for 4 days before we got it.

The customer was extremely upset because she litteraly had over 3000 images of family and friends that she really wanted back. She also had a lot of very important contacts in her phone that she never synced with her desktop. She wanted the data off of this rusty and corroded mess.

Just in case you didnt know it, salt water is the worst for electronics. It did a real number on the inside of this phone. We took off all of the EMI shields revealing corrision and rust on most of the components.

We removed and cleaned the logic board real good and put it under a microscope. We found a number of small filters and connectors like the battery connector were too corroded to be used anymore. We were able to salvage some components off of another dead device and solder them in place of the bad compnents from the salt water. It was a time consuming process but we got the phone to come back on.

We were then able to make a back up of all of her photos and contacts and even moved them over to her new iPhone 6 for her.

The customer was so happy to have her data back and I felt pretty good seeing her pleased reaction.

Do you know what to do if your mobile device gets wet? Dont put it in rice, call Mobile Device Rescue right away because the sooner the cleaning of the logic board takes place the better chance of saving the phone and or data on the phone.

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