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How To Fix iPad Ghosting

You get a brand new iPad Air in your shop with a cracked screen and the owner wants you to fix it. No problem you say and you take the device in for repair. You do the standard procedures for repairing a cracked screen in the iPad and everything goes just fine. Before sealing it up and closing it for good you do some testing to make sure it is working properly. That is when you notice that it is definitely not working properly. Now the iPad Air seems to be possessed because apps are opening and closing on their own and the screen is swiping around like someone is pressing all over the screen. It appears like a Ghost is touching the iPad and it is freaking you out. This problem is more common than you thought and it is called "Ghosting" for the obvious reason.

Here is an example of what Ghosting may look like.

Here is how to fix the Ghosting problem in any iPad.

It is all about the preperation of the screen before you install it. You first need to lay the new screen down on your work table along side the old broken one that you have removed from the iPad. Now you need to insulate the copper or silver strip that goes around the viewing area from the Home Button Flex Cable. It is a good idea to cover the entire copper or silver area along the bottom of the viewing area like in this photo.

You can see that the bottom section of Copper was covered in Kapton Tape. Now notice the thin line if Red Tape that I ran along the left side on top of the Kapton tape. This is where I will stick the Home Button Flex Cable so that it is insulated from the Copper part. This is key in getting rid of the Ghost that possesses your iPad.

Here is what the prepared iPad screen should look like before you go to install it on the iPad.

Now that the Home Button Flex Cable has been insulated from the Copper section this iPad will work like it is supposed to. This solution works on all iPad models that have the Ghosting issue. If you prepare you screens in this way you will not have the frustrating Ghosting problem...

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