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What Can You Do to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life?

The iPhone has completely revolutionized Apple as a company. Because it’s become such an

integral part of what they do, they’re constantly iterating and finding ways to improve this device.

While the iPhone has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world in 2007, there’s

one area that seems like it’s gotten worse.

The element of the iPhone that frustrates people the most is its battery life. Although iPhones

are thinner than ever, they seem to have sacrificed battery life. Many people feel that the

newest iPhones lack adequate battery life directly out of the box. So as they continue to use this

phone, the situation only gets worse.

Even though there’s currently no such thing as a silver bullet for getting amazing battery life out

of an iPhone, there are some steps you can take to improve battery performance. Things worth

trying include:

Using Low Power Mode

If you’re concerned that your iPhone is going to die before you have a chance to charge it, go to

Settings, then Battery and turn on Low Power Mode. By switching on this function, your phone

will automatically turn off or reduce certain functions to help keep battery drain to a minimum.

Turning Off Hey Siri

While Low Power Mode is very useful whenever you find yourself in a pinch, it’s not a permanent solution for improving battery performance. On that front, the first thing worth doing is turning off Hey Siri (unless you use this function on a regular basis). The reason this step is helpful is it will put an end to your phone constantly listening for this command.

Pruning Your Background App Refresh

In the past, many iPhone users would spend a considerable amount of time double tapping the

home button and then closing apps. With the latest version of iOS, a better way to manage apps

that may be draining your phone is by going into Settings, then General and Background App

Refresh. Although there are probably a few apps that you want running most of the time, you’ll

likely see plenty that you can turn off.

Turning Off Push Notifications and Automatic Downloads

As with background app refresh, plenty of apps send push notifications that you don’t actually

need. You can turn these off and spare your battery life by going into Settings and then Notification Center. While you’re in the settings menu, it’s worth going into iTunes & App Store

and sliding Use Cellular Data to off, so it only updates on Wi-Fi. Doing so will help save battery

life and data.

Promptly Fixing a Cracked Screens

Unless you need your screen to be very bright to see it, turn down the brightness whenever

possible. It’s also important to keep your screen in good shape. On sites like reddit, there are

numerous discussions of people encountering battery problems after cracking their screens. So

if you ever crack or damage your iPhone screen, give us a call at 281-783-4505 to schedule

your iPhone Screen Repair.

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