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iPhone Back Glass Laser Repair in League City

When Apple designed the newer iPhone models with glass for the back they used an industrial strength adhesive to make that glass very difficult to get off. It is so strong that it requires a machine that uses lasers to defeat it.

Mobile Device Rescue in League City has this Laser Machine and we are repairing iPhones that have broken back glass. It is quite a process with us passing the laser over the back multiple times and then we chisel and scape all the broken glass and stubborn adhesive out of the phone. That back panel must be completely flat to take the new glass that we will install. We need the phone for about 4 hours to give us the time needed to do a quality job.

Here is our M Triangle BY5 Laser Machine at work on an iPhone X after the phone took a tumble down concrete stairs. We replaced the front screen also but that only took 20 minutes. When we were done with this completely smashed up phone it looked brand new again and the customer was super happy.

If you have an iPhone with the back broken you may drop in anytime e without an appointment to have it repaired. If you can not leave your phone overnight we recommend dropping it off in the morning to give us enough time to do the job and return it the same day.

We are directly across the street from Dairy Queen on 518 in League City.


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